Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements


Facility Details

AUE Academic Units building will provide offices for different department: Academic program units, Academic publication council, Africa Studies Center (research facility dedicated to documenting social, political and cultural issues), Centre for Strategic and Futuristic Studies. The building has five floor above the ground with a basement for storage and mechanical services.

Men’s Student Housing and Women’s Student Housing buildings will provide a total of 526 dormitory units, 304 units for Male and 222 units for Female, dining areas, Living rooms ,Study rooms, Laundry, Multipurpose room, Game rooms, Main kitchen and Administrative areas. The buildings have four floors above ground and a semi-basement for mechanical services with a surface car parking for Staffs and for Students.

Academic Support Facilities Project

Administration Facilities Project

Central Administration Building
Conference Center
Convocation Hall
Cultural Center
Central University Library
Visitor Center

Student Activities and Athletic Facilities

The Campus Sustainabilty Facilities

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