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USE Inspired Research

AUE Research Has Purpose and Application

AUE Seeks Research Opportunities

USE Inspired Research

AUE Has a Culture of Academic Enterprise

ASU uses its knowledge and resources to catalyze regional social, economic, and cultural development. This culture of academic enterprise breaks from traditional disciplinary and organizational constraints and allows the university to harness its knowledge in new ways.

A Focused on the Individual

AUE is Committed to Intellectual and Cultural Diversity

AUE’s focus on the individual is a commitment to intellectual and cultural diversity. We focus on outcome-determined excellence by admitting students with differing interests and indicators of intelligence and creativity.

Intellectual Fusion

Global Engagement

AUE Will Establish a Global Presence


Social Embeddedness

AUE Diffuses the Boundaries Between the University and the Community it Serves

The community develops through the university. Empowered by and through AUE engagement, the community strengthens its own capacity and resources.